Proposal: reenable --style for all targets

Jaroslaw Staniek js at
Wed Nov 12 23:47:50 CET 2008

Aaron J. Seigo said the following, On 2008-11-12 23:44:
> On Wednesday 12 November 2008, Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Aaron's commit says
>> "only set the style when we're on x11; let Qt handle the style and palette
>> selection on the other systems.
>> if people wish to change the style of Qt apps on those platforms, they can
>> use qtconfig"
>> ->
>> But from
>> "qtconfig is available on X11 platforms and should be installed alongside
>> the other tools supplied with Qt."
>> Moreover I, and possibly others, rather need the quick --style option
>> during the development for various style/appearance-related tests on the
>> non-X11 targets.
>> My proposal is to revert the r664813 for kapplication.cpp.
> there are two parts to this commit, actually:
> * ignore --style on non-x11
> * set the kde default style on x11 only
> don't revert the latter as it will mean by default apps won't get the native 
> look and feel by default, but use the oxygen style instead. obviously not what 
> we want.

Yes, as I mentioned above, I only think about kapplication.cpp.

> as for --style, do as you want.
> but note that the part that touches kapplication.cpp uses kde_overrideStyle. 
> it should not be doing that on win or mac; it should instead default to 
> QString() and if it is empty just not set it.

Perhaps I don't get the magic, but it does this for me: kde_overrideStyle is 
nonempty only when (-)-style is present (and the arg is a name of existing 

So I am still proposing just removing the #ifdef Q_WS_X11...

> so .. an alternate way to accomplish this would be to change the use of 
> kde_overrideStyle depending on the platform.
> but i'm a little suprised that the Qt4 -style option doesn't work on win/mac 
> though. using that --style shouldn't be necessary at all.
> have you tried -style? (not --style) ... Qt4 only listens to -style, not 
> --style.

Yes I've tried -style before patching, which did not work for me.
Only Qt-only apps accept this option.

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