Proposal: reenable --style for all targets

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Wed Nov 12 23:44:16 CET 2008

On Wednesday 12 November 2008, Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
> Hi,
> Aaron's commit says
> "only set the style when we're on x11; let Qt handle the style and palette
> selection on the other systems.
> if people wish to change the style of Qt apps on those platforms, they can
> use qtconfig"
> ->
> But from
> "qtconfig is available on X11 platforms and should be installed alongside
> the other tools supplied with Qt."
> Moreover I, and possibly others, rather need the quick --style option
> during the development for various style/appearance-related tests on the
> non-X11 targets.
> My proposal is to revert the r664813 for kapplication.cpp.

there are two parts to this commit, actually:

* ignore --style on non-x11

* set the kde default style on x11 only

don't revert the latter as it will mean by default apps won't get the native 
look and feel by default, but use the oxygen style instead. obviously not what 
we want.

as for --style, do as you want.

but note that the part that touches kapplication.cpp uses kde_overrideStyle. 
it should not be doing that on win or mac; it should instead default to 
QString() and if it is empty just not set it.

so .. an alternate way to accomplish this would be to change the use of 
kde_overrideStyle depending on the platform.

but i'm a little suprised that the Qt4 -style option doesn't work on win/mac 
though. using that --style shouldn't be necessary at all.

have you tried -style? (not --style) ... Qt4 only listens to -style, not 

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