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Wed May 30 17:03:07 CEST 2007

In data 30 maggio 2007 alle ore 16:33:37, Holger Schröder  
<schroder at> ha scritto:
> i think kdesvn-build falls short of what we need for kde on windows. the  
> tool
> should also include the tasks of installing cmake, mingw, subversion,
> gnuwin32, etc. and both the kdewin installer and the emerge scripts from
> kdesupport/kdewin32/emerge handle these tasks quite ok. this is the hard  
> part
> to get right on windows, because the people that come from unixes are  
> quite
> familiar with svn up, cmake, make, make install, but the tricky part for  
> them
> is getting the compiler and stuff like that.
> i am not against porting kdesvnbuild to windows, but i don´t see how it  
> solves
> the big problems that people have before coming up to speed on windows.  
> so i
> think the time is better spent on finishing the kdewin installer and the
> emerge scripts. perhaps we could even port the gentoo portage system to
> windows, because that system does already have all the features we need  
> to
> have a "whole package management system" under windows, instead of a
> simplification for svn up && cmake && make && make install.
When kde4 branch become stable, all you need is double-click on the  
setup.exe (i hope).
But for now we need to compile it. This is the situation at the moment.
To compile we need a compiler, some libraries and some header, but neither  
kdesvnbuild, or some other script under kde control development (on linux  
nor on windows) is used to install a compiler and all dependencies.

What you are asking is an extra-intrusive program that download and  
install mingw, cmake, subversion and other tools that nothing have to do  
with kde4 itself.
It sounds like phpmyadmin would ask to install and configure apache, mysql  
and php. It's Crazy!

And remember that, at the moment, we are not end-user, we are programmers  
and tester. For me (and i hope for other people lurking this mailing-list)  
just a bash script is even sufficient to configure, make and make install  
kde, and the kde-installer work just as expected to install dependencies  
in a simpler way.

PS: imho :)
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