kde3.5 msvc2005 question

Jarosław Staniek js at iidea.pl
Thu May 10 16:02:22 CEST 2007

Pike Man said the following, On 2007-05-10 15:37:
> kde3.5 question:
> in kdeui, why does the following always show up in Makefile generated by
> qmake? nothing special in the kdeui.pro file.
> I have been looking all over the place to get rid of it but can't find it.
> if moc generates from kaboutdialog.h then it is ok.
> Why it is trying to generate a moc file from cpp, I am getting a 0 size
> .moc file...

Files like kshortcutdialog_advanced.cpp are generated by uic. Makefile lines 
like SRCMOC = moc\moc_kshortcutdialog_advanced.cpp ... are there generated by 
qmake because there is FORMS section in kdeui.pro:

kshortcutdialog_advanced.ui \
kshortcutdialog_simple.ui \

As kdeui.pro contains the following external command:

system( bash kmoc )

...so when you run

  cd kdeui/

.. appropriate kdeui/moc/*.moc files should be created, but the code generated 
from .ui files still use moc_**.cpp notation, not *.moc.

In short, .moc files are only used (and included by hand) if generated from .h 
files written by hand.

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