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On 04/08/2012 06:16 PM, David Edmundson wrote:
> Given that this the KDE Quality group is a new project it's going to
> have a few quirks and a lot where we're not really sure what we're
> doing.
> As a possibly completely controversial idea, we could have a trial of
> an organised of the beta testing program on a much smaller scale. (a
> beta of the beta testing?)
> The KDE Telepathy team is planning a release in late May, so we will
> be in a beta testing period between late April and mid May, just
> before KDE 4.9 makes its first beta release. It seems like a good
> opportunity to try out this new structured beta testing.
> We can test whether it all works in practice, whether we get lots of
> common questions that need to go on a wiki, whether the reporting
> quality is any good, or any other issues we haven't thought of. My
> immediate concerns is that the developers will spend all their time
> helping people getting set up (which I know is one of your things to
> solve), and that bug reporters will spend their entire time filing
> longterm wishlist items and big rewrite ideas that aren't the sort of
> thing that should be fixed in a beta testing phase.
> This would all be on a much smaller scale so it's less important if it
> doesn't run smoothly so I think it would be a good learning
> opportunity for the kde-testing team, as well as obviously useful for
> us who get some more beta testing out of it.
> It's something I'd want to run anyway, and it seems like a good
> opportunity to involve you, but it's purely an idea/offer.
> Dave
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A few questions:
- release late of May: what will be available during beta phase:
tarballs? distro packages?
- you say the devels will spend time to help install: this should not
happen. We don't want to drain nor the devels nor the potential
helpers by stuff difficult to install. Clear instructions shoudl be
written before the testing phase for people to install the software.
- when you suggest testing, is it informal beta testing (the user
installs the software and uses it as he wishes, reporting problems on
IRC and on bugzilla when relevant)?  Testers should know what the
software is meant to do and how to use it roughly and then go from
there. Wild wishes should not be part of testing. We can help testers
by providing a list of points to check if we want to keep more
control. We can add manual UI checking as well which can be prepared

So this will require preparation from your team and availability of
the devels but as you said it would be a good go on a small scale if
the points above are clear.


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