Plasma Chat widget

Lasath Fernando kde at
Wed Aug 3 11:49:00 UTC 2011

> This sounds good, what I'd like would be to have a single plasmoid which would
> add an icon (similar to the ones in your plan) for each conversation which can
> be removed (say with a close button on the right of where you have the pop-out
> button) when you've finished with it or pinned into place to behave closer to
> your plan.

I originally intended to have something like that, with the user's
favourite contacts or active chats. I wanted to use the task manager
or smooth-tasks widget, depending on how reusable their code was.
But I decided to simplify things for the moment, and just build a
widget that can handle a single chat (for the sake of making it
doable). If I manage to pull it off and continue developing, I'll
build the rest of it and keep what you said in mind.

> It'd be nice if, even if you don't like this idea yourself, you could
> bear it in mind when designing your dataengine or plugin so that (if I
> understand correctly) a plasmoid implementing this idea could make use of it
> rather than having to duplicate that code.

I'm don't have a lot of experience/skill when it comes to design, but
I wanted to make everything as reusable as possible either way. :)


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