George Kiagiadakis at
Thu Dec 9 11:28:55 CET 2010


I am a bit worried about the review process. Currently the situation
is that the repositories are quite stuck to the state that they were
after the transition to git, although development has been continued
in private clones. I would very much like to push my work back to the
main repositories, even if it's incomplete, because, well, it's in a
better state than the current master and it makes life easier for
other contributors and users who would like to try it.

I think the basic problem is that there is practically no place to
announce that we have something for review. What should we eventually
use? I don't think reviewboard is fit for the job as their command
line tool doesn't work (at least for me) and it also doesn't track
commits from what I've seen in the current reviews that are on the
server. Should we use bugzilla? (the git-bz script may help, but still
I think our bugzilla is not quite fit for the job either; try gnome's
bugzilla to understand why ;) ).

Furthermore, we need people to review. I can do it for others. Is
there anyone to review my stuff?

Also, am I the only one who has something for review at the moment?


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