[kde-solaris] KDE 4.1.4 IPS packages for OSOL 2008.11

Michael Schuster Michael.Schuster at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 13 07:24:26 CET 2009

Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> There are KDE 4.1.4 IPS packages for OSOL 2008.11 32-bit available now. 
> They're hosted on real hardware, not a dodgy VirtualBox, so you should be able 
> to get them this time instead of timing out at each attempt. It *is* my home 
> DSL, though, so downloads will not be fast.
> In theory, you can do
> T=bionicmutton
> pkg set-authority -O http://pkg.$T.org:10000/ $T
> pkg refresh $T
> pkg install KDEgdm-integration
> and get a KDE 4.1.4 desktop available upon login.


on my recently acquired new Intel-based PC, which has never seen anything
KDE-like before and is now running OpenSolaris b106, I have installed and 
am now using KDE from the IPS repository. I'm happy to report that I have 
so far not seen an application crash, so this is by far the best experience 
with KDE 4.x I've had so far.


Let me use the occasion to highlight a few things I noticed:

- KDE's screen lock still can't unlock (sometimes can't even lock) the 
screen, but as I said elsewhere, xlock does the job just as well for me.

- I use two screens; when the mouse is in the second screen, I cannot get a 
background menu with the right button, nor have I found a way to give it 
non-black background (ie the same as on the primary screen). I can move 
windows in to this screen quite easily though (I have an Nvidia 9600GT).

- I have a digital clock in the taskbar; sometimes, I can see only one 
digit, the others disappear and I need to mouse-over to get them back.

- this is probably due to the paradigm shift that KDE4 seems to symbolise: 
(in layman's terms) I used to be able to create an icon in my task bar 
which would launch any application I chose, eg. xterm or firefox. I don't 
seem to be able to figure out how to do this now. Help appreciated.

all in all, *very* nice!
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