[kde-solaris] [kde-discuss] KDE 4.1.4 IPS packages for OSOL 2008.11

Jan Hnatek Jan.Hnatek at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 6 17:32:38 CET 2009

Hi Adriaan,

thanks for this and sorry for stressing your line.
I managed to install, login and run it for a while.
I'll give it some more time over the weekend hopefully.


Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> There are KDE 4.1.4 IPS packages for OSOL 2008.11 32-bit available now. 
> They're hosted on real hardware, not a dodgy VirtualBox, so you should be able 
> to get them this time instead of timing out at each attempt. It *is* my home 
> DSL, though, so downloads will not be fast.
> In theory, you can do
> T=bionicmutton
> pkg set-authority -O http://pkg.$T.org:10000/ $T
> pkg refresh $T
> pkg install KDEgdm-integration
> and get a KDE 4.1.4 desktop available upon login.
> [ade]
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Jan Hnatek
jan.hnatek at sun.com

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