[kde-solaris] KDE 4.1.4 IPS packages for OSOL 2008.11

Michael Schuster Michael.Schuster at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 13 07:32:18 CET 2009

Michael Schuster wrote:

> - I use two screens; when the mouse is in the second screen, I cannot get a 
> background menu with the right button, nor have I found a way to give it 
> non-black background (ie the same as on the primary screen). I can move 
> windows in to this screen quite easily though (I have an Nvidia 9600GT).

hmm ... this is interesting: I logged out and back in to test something - 
indeed, as expected, KDE relaunched all applications I'd been running when 
I logged out (what a super feature ;-), one of them on the second screen, 
which now suddenly sports a background and the ability for me to get a menu 
  in the background window.

something else I miss from 3.5.7:
- the ability to use the middle mouse button in a root window to get the 
window list (in all workspaces)
- the ability to use the mouse wheel in the root windwo to move between 
workspaces. this only seems to work in the workspace switcher itself.

again, hints etc. appreciated.
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