[kde-solaris] g++ or sun compiler?

Paul Floyd paulf at free.fr
Wed Dec 16 21:36:29 CET 2009

Pavel Heimlich, a.k.a. hajma wrote:

> They must have outdated informations then. Webkit did not build with
> plain SS12. SS12 with all available patches builds it fine, SS12U1 as
> well.

WebKit will build, but it needs a good number of patches (that's with 
stlport4, I expect that it's the same or almost with stdcxx). Off the 
top of my head, the patches are

- different types in true and false branches of ternary operator
- use of strnstr (comes from BSD, which means it is present in Mac OS X, 
and has been absorbed by Linux)
- template parameter matching
- mismatches between 'extern "C"' functions and functions without this 
linkage specification
- Sun Studio not being sufficiently broken with the non-standard 
__attribute__ align extension.

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