[kde-solaris] g++ or sun compiler?

Paul Floyd paulf at free.fr
Wed Dec 16 21:28:14 CET 2009

Quoting Thorsten Hirsch <t.hirsch at web.de>:

 > Hi,
 > as far as I've followed your discussions, it seems that most of you
 > are using the SunStudio compiler. Is there a special reason for this?

Time to de-lurk a bit.

Sun Studio is significantly better on SPARC (faster compilation and 
faster compiled code). I haven't done comparisons on i86pc/amd64.

I think that Sun Studio is a requirement within Sun for building things 
in Solaris and OpenSolaris OS. This is probably the fundamental reason. 
Of course, non-Sun built OpenSolaris distributions are free to use GCC.

Personally, I find that "monoglot" code is usually the worse for not 
getting any second (or more) opinions.

 > The compiler notes of Qt 4.6
 > (http://qt.nokia.com/doc/4.6/compiler-notes.html) say, that Sun CC
 > doesn't support all the features, e.g. WebKit is not supported. And -
 > it's been some months since I tried Sun CC - it also failed to compile
 > the concurrent examples.

That is a reflection on the poor support of the platform/compiler 
combination (mostly by WebKit, and partly by Nokia).

Sun Studio can build everything. Some patches are required. Most of 
these are due to Sun Studio being rather strict (IMO a good thing, but 
I'm  stickler for real standards). There are a couple of template 
issues, but I'm not good enough at templates to say whether they are 
genuine ambiguities or not.

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