[kde-solaris] Gentle Question

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Tue May 13 22:36:17 CEST 2008

[ I suppose this is better suited for kde-discuss at opensolaris.org, although 
integration and features issues could be for any KDE version and compiler 
mix -- I don't think we have the mailing lists sorted out very well for 
that. ]

On Tuesday 13 May 2008 21:58:05 LeBar, Russell J wrote:
> Input from potential end-users should focus on integrating KDE4-Solaris
> into OpenSolaris, what end-users hope to see from a usability standpoint,
> etc. -- i.e. information and suggestions that will actually be useful to
> those of you doing the work.

Yes, that's much more useful (although you shouldn't discount the chance of 
getting a "send a patch" or "implement it yourself" reply; there are a lot of 
Solaris things I don't know about where I'm not going to be able to do 
anything myself) in general. There's a list of things that should be 
checked -- certainly I'd like to get a lot more user feedback on what works 
and doesn't in KDE4 on Solaris right now (*) -- and there's a list of things 
that we know don't work now, but should. Examples of both:

- crash backtraces in DrKonqui
- ^C in konsole
- ZFS awareness in kdf / dolphin
- SMF awareness
- Color depth / X server capabilities awareness

In general, neat and accurate reports are more helpful than general ones (the 
list above is pretty general and useless, were it not that I know exactly 
what I mean by the first two).

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