[kde-solaris] Integrating KDE into GDM on OpenSolaris 2008.05

Michael Schuster Michael.Schuster at Sun.COM
Mon Jun 30 16:07:50 CEST 2008

Dave Price wrote:
> Dear All,
> As I mentioned in another email, I am currently
> playing with OpenSolaris (/ Solaris Express) on
> SPARC and X86.
> On X86 (on a machine where I have
> "OpenSolaris 2008.05" but
> patched up to  B91, I have just downloaded
> http://www.bionicmutton.org/solaris/KDE/x86/KDE-all-x86-823362.tar.gz
> which I then un-gtarred in /opt as instructed...
> I am now trying to work out   how to get gdm to 
> offer KDE as an alternative window manager etc.

Stefan sent out something on kde-discuss at opensolaris.org (and I'm 
redirecting this discussion there, please keep it there) some time ago:

> Q: How to add KDE to GDM Login ?
> This question has been asked several times recently, so here's a
> pointer on how to configure GDM:
> http://library.gnome.org/admin/gdm/stable/exampleconf.html.en

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