[kde-solaris] Integrating KDE into GDM on OpenSolaris 2008.05

Dave Price dap at aber.ac.uk
Mon Jun 30 15:54:13 CEST 2008

Dear All,

As I mentioned in another email, I am currently
playing with OpenSolaris (/ Solaris Express) on
SPARC and X86.

On X86 (on a machine where I have
"OpenSolaris 2008.05" but
patched up to  B91, I have just downloaded


which I then un-gtarred in /opt as instructed...

I am now trying to work out   how to get gdm to 
offer KDE as an alternative window manager etc.

I have looked at the instructions at the bottom
of the techbase KDE document, but they
of course apply to a world using the /usr/dt stuff
which is now not used in "OpenSolaris 2008.05".

Any chance someone can either tell me what to
do, or point me at some documents etc.

Am I also correct in my feelings that the
file I have downloaded has lots of QT stuff missing??


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