[kde-solaris] Advice/ambiguity re instructions on techbase

Dave Price dap at aber.ac.uk
Mon Jun 30 12:58:14 CEST 2008

Dear All,

I am attempting to have a go at compiling KDE 4
on a sparc based opensolaris (I'll probably
have a go on X86 too).

I am trying to follow the advice in the techbase
web page, but I am either missing something ( or being stupid :-( )
or there is perhaps an ambiguity....

I have installed the SunStudio 12 and I have applied
patches 124683-05 (and 124861-07 and 124867-06)
and all that went o.k.

I am now on the paragraphs re KBE...

My system already has svn and here I have the ambiguity I think...

The techbase page says "

*  If you do not have SVN installed, get the KBE tarball, unpack it, compile and install. After that, you will have SVN and can return here.

* If you do have SVN installed,

" and then ends at that comma and does not really say
where I now skip to.......

I presume I think miss out the paragraphs
with titles...

" KBE Sources" and  "KBE Compilation and Installation"...

OR DO I ??   but what then?

I don't have   /opt/kdebld/bin/env.sh    for instance...

If I go down to the section titled...

"Using packages"

that has me trying to use wget to get things from
bionicmutton, but if I issue that command
with SPARC  in for the <arch> bit then I get...

# /usr/sfw/bin/wget --recursive http://www.bionicmutton.org/solaris/KBE/SPARC/

11:50:27 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

[aside: I am going via our local proxy to be accurate
but it is I believe bionicmutton refusing me access...]

Anyway, I am a bit generally puzzled about how much of the preparation
stuff with regards to KBE I need to do given
that I already have svn (and several other tools...)

Any advice please?

While I am waiting hoping for help, I am now
downloading the KDE stuff using...

svn co https://svn2.cvsdude.com/kdesolaris/trunk Dude


Dave Price

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