[kde-solaris] Improve Startup-Speed for KDE!?

Michael Lindig michael.lindig at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Thu Jul 5 07:12:42 CEST 2007

michael schuster schrieb:
> Michael Lindig wrote:
>> No I don't have measured this. I only checked the 'ldd -s kdeinit' (for 
>> instance) output where a lot of pathes was tested for each lib ... 
> that's certainly something worth examining ...
>> OK, the other question is: What is slow? Actually the startup sequence is nearly 
>> 30s ! If you compare this with CDE startup sequence then it is verry slow :; ...
> I don't think CDE uses half the number of libraries that KDE does.

That's why I think: it shall be possible to improve the KDE startup speed and 
running performance. Our main problem is that KDE is on a NFS-share and each 
file access decrease the performance. Actually we have a slow Menus if you click 
it first after KDE startup. The menus opens after few seconds (5s or so) :( ...

Ok, I know that the menus-open-time problem has nothing todo with the libraries, 
but it shows there are some KDE-performance problems on Solaris.

Can I investigate the menus-open-time with DTrace (example please)?

>>> (and those who know me will know the tool I'd suggest ... DTrace!)
>> Mmhh, to complicated for me (or I do not have the time to learn it)...
> hmm ... this is an interesting statement - in my experience, once you
> know and use DTrace, a lot of issues can be resolved much more quickly
> then without (I ackowledge that "how much" is hard to measure instance
> by instance ;-).
> So would you rather invest your time learning something new that can
> help you solve performance-related issues faster (among others), or just 
> continues the way you've been doing so far?

The problem is that Solaris is not my prefered system and the day has only 24 
hours. DTrace is Solaris specific and does not help me at normal work, so I have 
to decide where I invest my time :) !

Thats why I asked the forum for such specific topic. :-;


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