[kde-solaris] Improve Startup-Speed for KDE!?

michael schuster Michael.Schuster at Sun.COM
Thu Jul 5 06:43:06 CEST 2007

Michael Lindig wrote:

> No I don't have measured this. I only checked the 'ldd -s kdeinit' (for 
> instance) output where a lot of pathes was tested for each lib ... 

that's certainly something worth examining ...

> OK, the other question is: What is slow? Actually the startup sequence is nearly 
> 30s ! If you compare this with CDE startup sequence then it is verry slow :; ...

I don't think CDE uses half the number of libraries that KDE does.

>> (and those who know me will know the tool I'd suggest ... DTrace!)
> Mmhh, to complicated for me (or I do not have the time to learn it)...

hmm ... this is an interesting statement - in my experience, once you
know and use DTrace, a lot of issues can be resolved much more quickly
then without (I ackowledge that "how much" is hard to measure instance
by instance ;-).
So would you rather invest your time learning something new that can
help you solve performance-related issues faster (among others), or just 
continues the way you've been doing so far?

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