[kde-solaris] Bash / KDE / and Clearcase

Brian Foddy brian.foddy at nwa.com
Fri Jul 14 17:10:21 CEST 2006

Stefan Teleman wrote:

>On Thursday 13 July 2006 18:02, Brian Foddy wrote:
>>I'm using Stefan Teleman's kde-3.2.1 on Solaris 8 and we are being
>>forced to
>>use Clearcase for source control.
>>I've had the CC client loaded locally on my workstation and having
>>a couple problems I was hoping others might be able to help with.
>>1.  I prefer to use bash rather than ksh.  So I changed my
>>/etc/passwd entry to point to bash, but when I start KDE, the
>>konsole windows still launch ksh.  Can't find why they start ksh.
>>2.  Much more difficult problem...  I'd like to have a default
>>setview command run before my desktop comes up so all
>>applications can see files in my view.  But the setview command
>>launches a new shell (bash in my case).  I've tried something like
>>if [ -d $ATRIAHOME ]; then
>>   if [ ! $CLEARCASE_ROOT ]; then
>>     exec $ATRIAHOME/bin/cleartool setview -login a26811_soc
>>   fi
>>in my .profile, (with and without the exec) but it hangs the
>>desktop start process I think because launching a new parent shell
>>during the desktop launch process looses the rest of the startup
>>process.  Any ideas how I can get the setview command shell to
>>perform the full desktop / startkde startup process?
>>Many thanks if someone can help with either issue...
>Yes, i'm still here. :-)
>Have you tried this:
>In Konsole, choose Settings -> Configure Konsole, then go to the 
>Session tab. You get there a list of possible Sessions you can 
>You can tell your "Shell" session to execute /bin/ksh, which will put 
>your Shell session into ksh.
>You can insert the script you mention above in your .kshrc file (which 
>is read by ksh, but not  by bash). The problem is that .profile is 
>read by both bash and ksh, which is why it's being sourced from 
>startkde (which is a bash script). 
>Please let me know if that worked. :-)
>I'm working on KDE 3.5.3 (everyone must be so sick by now of me saying 
>this). I am very sorry for being so late.
>S10 Update 2 06/06 completely broke KDE 3.4.3 on UltraSPARC, in case 
>anyone is interested in upgrading to S10U2 06/06. Broke as in Not 
>Usable. On IA32 i have no idea yet, since i can't even install this 
>version of Solaris on my AMD box, built with compatible hardware 
>according to the Hardware Compatibility List.
>I was planning on building a 3.5.3 which worked on both S10 03/05 and 
>S10 06/06.
>Slow going here ... :-(

On the shell point, I figured out what I was doing wrong.  I'd start
my desktop and do a ps on the windows that were already opened, which
was ksh.  When I start new windows they get bash.  KDE is remembering
which shell to start in which window, smarter than the average bear :)

Thanks for the tips on the .profile / .kshrc / .bashrc stuff.  Judging from
Rainald's comments getting the view correctly set is much more work.

I'll probably try and hold off on the mvfs-kio-slave until I can upgrade
my somewhat-old kde desktop, which will probably require a Solaris 10 

I may try and slip in a few setview commands in individual scripts,
but sounds like getting the whole desktop in the view is just slightly out
of reach for now.

I was just about to send the response above and I had another idea
that seemed to work pretty well.

I replaced /opt/kde-3.2.1/bin/startkde with
/usr/atria/bin/cleartool setview -exec 
"/opt/kde-3.2.1/bin/startkde.actual" a26811_soc
And moved the real startkde to startkde.actual.  This seems to work very 
well at
first glance.  All the shells startup with the right view, Mozilla 
(started from the desktop icon)
sees all the files, as does Konqueror and OO.  Certainly they aren't 
fully aware of the Clearcase
checkout / etc stuff, but basic filesystem browsing seems good, and I 
can live with
this for now.  Maybe in time I'll try the full mvfs aware stuff.

Thanks for the quick and quality responses.


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