[kde-solaris] Bash / KDE / and Clearcase

Rainald Lampl thefrog at rlac.de
Fri Jul 14 08:13:53 CEST 2006

On Friday 14 July 2006 00:02, Brian Foddy wrote:
> I'm using Stefan Teleman's kde-3.2.1 on Solaris 8 and we are being
> forced to
> use Clearcase for source control.

ClearCase is fine, indeed.
I'm administrating it for over 15 years now :-)

> 2.  Much more difficult problem...  I'd like to have a default
> setview command run before my desktop comes up so all
> applications can see files in my view.  But the setview command
> launches a new shell (bash in my case).  I've tried something like this:
> if [ -d $ATRIAHOME ]; then
>    if [ ! $CLEARCASE_ROOT ]; then
>      exec $ATRIAHOME/bin/cleartool setview -login a26811_soc
>    fi
> fi
> in my .profile, (with and without the exec) but it hangs the desktop start
> process I think because launching a new parent shell during the desktop
> launch process looses the rest of the startup process.  Any ideas how
> I can get the setview command shell to perform the full desktop / startkde
> startup process?

This won't work :-(
In general, from my point of experience, ClearCase and KDE are still not 
working very well together. The problem seems to be somewhere in kio-slaves.
As mvfs offers more than regular file operations, this seems to cause trouble 
to the file-kio-slave.

ClearCase itself runs fine on booth solaris and selected Linux kernels, but 
interaction to KDE is still poor.
I.E., it is not even possible to run konqueror as file manager inside a view - 
you will simply see nothing :-(

There is an approach for an mvfs-kioslave, but it didn't run here yet.

But even if it's working, you won't be able to run your KDE desktop inside 
clearcase environment - by default most of KDE will use kio-file-slave.

May this would be a hint for KDE 4.0 developers?
To make input method for desktop selectable (file,mvfs or whatever?)
Just a thought.

Best regards

Rainald Lampl

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