[kde-solaris] Bash / KDE / and Clearcase

Rainald Lampl thefrog at rlac.de
Fri Jul 14 08:26:46 CEST 2006

On Friday 14 July 2006 00:02, Brian Foddy wrote:

> in my .profile, (with and without the exec) but it hangs the desktop start
> process I think because launching a new parent shell during the desktop
> launch process looses the rest of the startup process.  Any ideas how
> I can get the setview command shell to perform the full desktop / startkde
> startup process?

Hmm, experiences should be updated from time to time :-(
The mentionend mvfs-kio-slave works fine here on kde 3.4.0, ClearCase and 
I should test it under solaris, too, but my KDE on solaris 8 is a bit 
outdated :-( (3.0).

best regards

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