[kde-solaris] Konsole broken ?

Shane Ludwig sludwig at xo.com
Mon Feb 27 17:08:18 CET 2006

Hi Stefan,
I wondered if you'd had a chance to look at this and what, if anything,
you might have found ?  For now, I'm still sourcing /etc/profile and
$HOME/.profile manually each time I open a new window, which is a bit of
a pain.  I had wondered if it might not be a case of konsole ignoring the
-ls flags, but instead something in the way ksh is called.  However, I tried
changing my shell to bash, and even created a new user with bash shell,
and both had the same issue.

I installed the Sparc pkgs on my new Ultra 60 at home, and it has the same
issue.  In addition, everything I type there gets echoed back to me twice
before it is executed.  For instance:

$ ls
[file listing]

Again this seems to be limited to konsole, while dtterm and xterm work fine.
I thought that looked like something in the stty settings, but they look
normal to me and pretty much match what I have on my Solaris 9 boxes.

Any ideas ?


On Feb 16, 2006 at 01:39 AM -0500, Stefan Teleman wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 February 2006 10:50, Ludwig, Shane wrote:
> > Hello guys,
> > Most things seem to work fine.  However, I can not get konsole to
> > recognize the "-ls" switch.
> i'll look at this -- ill get back to you asap.
> --Stefan

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