[kde-solaris] KMIX additional comments

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Thu Jul 21 15:26:35 CEST 2005

Lars Tunkrans wrote:

>Stanislav Lakhtin wrote:
>>2. In working arts exists some problem. I see this problems on working sound 
>>subsystem on SunRay hardware. I cannot write any sound signal from 
>>microphone, becouse in sound subsystem no exists any "Input device". Level of 
>>micropfone in "Output Device" work correctly in this time. If i must set any 
>>environment variable?
>   This  is a general problem, - not limited  to  SunRay.    When I 
>start up KMIX
>   on my SunBlade 1500  the KMIX  INPUT window  is blank. there is 
>nothing there to adjust at all.
>   Does KDE have any code at all  to manipulate the SUN microphone/ 
>Line_in  interfaces ?
>   So I guess pretty much everything works   apart from KMIX. 

    Maybe we are just a bit confused here.    KMIX   seems to have
 all  the controls  on  the OUTPUT page. while the INPUT page is Blank.

 The Microphone, Record Monitor, and  Line IN  controls from
the the KMIX OUTPUT  page seems to correspond to  the input controls
Microphone, Line IN, GAIN  and Monitor  controls  in  "sdtaudiocontrol"

I started both  KMIX and sdtaudiocontrol   side by side:

 Then when I  pull/press   one of these contols  in one of the apps , the
 corresponding  drawbar/radiobutton   moves in the other app.

Well needs testing with an actual SunRay I suppose.


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