[kde-solaris] some problem on KDE on Solaris2.10 SunRayServerSoftware-3.1

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Thu Jul 21 14:55:05 CEST 2005

Stanislav Lakhtin wrote:

>Hello, all.
>After installing KDE-3.4.1 compiled by Stefan Teleman (thanks for it for 
>this), i find many big and small problems.
>1. In process starting at times emerded some dialog or error window, but this 
>window behind information panel in moment "Initiallizing peripherals". 
>Necessary press "Enter", and loading continue. What is the window?

I saw this  dialoge window  the very first time I logged in to my test 
It complained  that ARTS  could not connect to the sound server.
Looks to have been an initalisation problem as it has not happended  since.

>2. In working arts exists some problem. I see this problems on working sound 
>subsystem on SunRay hardware. I cannot write any sound signal from 
>microphone, becouse in sound subsystem no exists any "Input device". Level of 
>micropfone in "Output Device" work correctly in this time. If i must set any 
>environment variable?
   This  is a general problem, - not limited  to  SunRay.    When I 
start up KMIX
   on my SunBlade 1500  the KMIX  INPUT window  is blank. there is 
nothing there to adjust at all.
   Does KDE have any code at all  to manipulate the SUN microphone/ 
Line_in  interfaces ?

   (  this is done cmdline with  audioplay(1) / audiorecord(1)  command 
line utils,
 or  from gnome with   /usr/dt/bin/stdaudiocontrol )

    I can ofcourse   make a "new Launcher "  with 
"/usr/dt/bin/stdaudiocontrol"   and run the
   Gnome  mixer  under KDE  but that would not help very much  for 
getting  the
   audio signal into the KDE  subsystem  or would it  ?  Lets Try !

    When  I  launch "/usr/dt/bin/stdaudiocontrol" while running KDE-341 
and pull up the
   microphone monitor volume  I hear the my voice from the system 

   I can see the VU meters in the " Recording level Monitor"  reacct.
   When I do a simple recording with the  " Sound Recorder"  it   writes 
a file I can then play
   with AmaroK.  It does  playback my  "wonderful"  performance.

   So I guess pretty much everything works   apart from KMIX. 



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