[kde-solaris] error in paint MidnightCommander (KDE-3.4.1 Solrais2.10 SunRay-3.1)

Stanislav Lakhtin sl at whiteants.net
Thu Jul 21 15:32:14 CEST 2005

1. After start mc in konsole size of midnight commander is 80x25. But window 
of konsole is bigger. What is this?

2. Cannot work "Add Bookmark" in konqueror. In this case applicationa crashed.

3. KWrite cannot work. In window not exists "Memo" - field with text.

4. Kate work wrongly. After open each file in menu adding "Bookmarks" and in 
main panel adding "Save" and "Save As"

At this time thats all... 

Stanislav Lakhtin.

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