[kde-solaris] KDE 3.4.1: SVG icon edges

Derek Konigsberg octo at logicprobe.org
Thu Jul 14 05:21:23 CEST 2005

	First of all, big thanks to Stefan for putting this build together.  (tried 
building/patching KDE 3.4 myself when it first came out, and gave up after a 
while)  Things are working wonderfully and I'm extremely happy.  (even the 
anti-aliased fonts look great)  Only functional kink is that Konqeror doesn't 
verify SSL certificates from sites when it should, but that's probably 
fixable with some poking.
	My main issue here, though, is the SVG icons (particularly the default 
Crystal SVG theme).  For some reason, they're not anti-aliased, and thus look 
very jagged around the edges.  I'd almost prefer a pre-rendered set of 
visually smooth Crystal icons, if anyone knows where to find them.  Of course 
if these SVG icons rendered with smooth edges, that would fix the problem.  
Any ideas?


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