[kde-solaris] Re: KDE, Solaris, GCC, etc ...

Sergio Rodriguez de Guzman Martinez srodriguez at corenetworks.es
Thu Oct 7 19:40:07 CEST 2004

Sorry for the late. We're a little busy now.

Ok, we agree.

We also agree with Eva. Very nice message.

We'll write you, Stefan, to your private mail to talk about the plans.

The "thunderstorm" is forgotten ;).


Stefan Teleman wrote:
> OK.
> So, (Don Jaime && Don Sergio):
> Can we agree to the following:
> Forte build KDE goes into:
> <KDE 
> release.major.minor>/contrib/Solaris/FORTE/<Solaris.version.number>/<binary 
> release tree>
> and GCC build KDE goes into:
> <KDE 
> release.major.minor>/contrib/Solaris/GCC/<Solaris.version.number>/<binary 
> release tree>
> and the same idea for KOffice (KOffice has its own binary release tree 
> structure which is separate from core KDE).
> There is a *lot* of work to be done for KDE on Solaris. I hope this 
> entire little thunderstorm is soon forgotten.
> If either of you, (Don Jaime || Don Sergio) would email me privately, 
> there are a certain things we should talk about and make plans for. 
> Eva knows what these are. :-)
> If you can't get through RoadRunner spam filters, you can email me at: 
> stefan|DOT|teleman|AT|gmail|DOT|com.
> A big Thank you to Eva for your intervention. :-)
> Peace On Earth.
> --Stefan
> On Saturday 02 October 2004 07:07, Eva Brucherseifer wrote:
>>Hi Sergio, Jaime and Stefan,
>>since I founded this kde-solaris list back in 2001 we always had
>>users here asking for gcc packages as well as asking for Sun Forte
>>packages. Also always people came up with questions when compiling
>>using those compiliers. Of course Sun Forte wasn't an option a long
>>time as nobody went the long way of porting KDE to this compiler.
>>Today we have both packages available and I am very glad about
>>this. I really want to thank the three of you for putting your
>>valuable time into KDE! As Solaris installations are usually very
>>hetergenous there are also users for both types of packages.
>>Therefore I don't see why one package should be more important than
>>the other. There are both important. gcc are usually faster
>>available than suncc packages, but suncc packages usually have
>>better performance.
>>KDE does NOT have any policy to have only ONE type of package per
>>platform. I case anybody told you, this is wrong - I even checked
>>back with the current release maintainer in order to be sure.
>>Therefore I'd love to see both package also in the future. You both
>>have your users. Just name your packages solaris-gcc and
>>solaris-suncc or use directories like solaris/gcc and
>>Furthermore I'd like to invite Sergio and Jaime to get even more
>>involved with this mailinglist. We have many users here who use the
>>gcc packages and who have questions. There are also people here
>>compiling KDE using gcc themselves and you could be a great help
>>here. This is what this forum is for. This is the advantage of
>>having long-term contributers as packagers - they know the system
>>and caveats very well and they don't just disappear :-)
>>And both of you: There are also solaris bugs filed in the kde bugs
>>database (http://bugs.kde.org/simple_search.cgi?id=solaris). You
>>both know the system better then anyone else. Why not help the KDE
>>developers (most of them don't really know the platform) to fix
>>this? Why don't you work to gether to make KDE work perfectly on
>>Solaris? Integrate your patches in CVS HEAD, make it work.
>>There is no reason to fight against each other. The contributions
>>of both of you are very much appreciated in KDE!

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