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Sat Oct 2 18:45:49 CEST 2004


So, (Don Jaime && Don Sergio):

Can we agree to the following:

Forte build KDE goes into:

release tree>

and GCC build KDE goes into:

release tree>

and the same idea for KOffice (KOffice has its own binary release tree 
structure which is separate from core KDE).

There is a *lot* of work to be done for KDE on Solaris. I hope this 
entire little thunderstorm is soon forgotten.

If either of you, (Don Jaime || Don Sergio) would email me privately, 
there are a certain things we should talk about and make plans for. 
Eva knows what these are. :-)

If you can't get through RoadRunner spam filters, you can email me at: 

A big Thank you to Eva for your intervention. :-)

Peace On Earth.


On Saturday 02 October 2004 07:07, Eva Brucherseifer wrote:
> Hi Sergio, Jaime and Stefan,
> since I founded this kde-solaris list back in 2001 we always had
> users here asking for gcc packages as well as asking for Sun Forte
> packages. Also always people came up with questions when compiling
> using those compiliers. Of course Sun Forte wasn't an option a long
> time as nobody went the long way of porting KDE to this compiler.
> Today we have both packages available and I am very glad about
> this. I really want to thank the three of you for putting your
> valuable time into KDE! As Solaris installations are usually very
> hetergenous there are also users for both types of packages.
> Therefore I don't see why one package should be more important than
> the other. There are both important. gcc are usually faster
> available than suncc packages, but suncc packages usually have
> better performance.
> KDE does NOT have any policy to have only ONE type of package per
> platform. I case anybody told you, this is wrong - I even checked
> back with the current release maintainer in order to be sure.
> Therefore I'd love to see both package also in the future. You both
> have your users. Just name your packages solaris-gcc and
> solaris-suncc or use directories like solaris/gcc and
> solaris/suncc.
> Furthermore I'd like to invite Sergio and Jaime to get even more
> involved with this mailinglist. We have many users here who use the
> gcc packages and who have questions. There are also people here
> compiling KDE using gcc themselves and you could be a great help
> here. This is what this forum is for. This is the advantage of
> having long-term contributers as packagers - they know the system
> and caveats very well and they don't just disappear :-)
> And both of you: There are also solaris bugs filed in the kde bugs
> database (http://bugs.kde.org/simple_search.cgi?id=solaris). You
> both know the system better then anyone else. Why not help the KDE
> developers (most of them don't really know the platform) to fix
> this? Why don't you work to gether to make KDE work perfectly on
> Solaris? Integrate your patches in CVS HEAD, make it work.
> There is no reason to fight against each other. The contributions
> of both of you are very much appreciated in KDE!
> Greetings,
> eva
> Am Freitag, 1. Oktober 2004 15:31 schrieb Sergio Rodriguez de Guzman 
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> >
> > Stefan Teleman wrote:
> > | And now for a litttle bit of history: when i set out to work on
> > | KDE on Solaris, at the beginning of 2003, it was agreed, on
> > | this list, that i will port, build and maintain KDE for Solaris
> > | with the Sun compilers. If i remember correctly, a vote was
> > | taken to this effect, by the members of this list.
> >
> > We built kde 3.1.5 and 3.2.1 for our own purpose as your 3.1.4
> > seemed to work too slow on our machines. The performance was
> > notably increased, so we wanted to share it with the official
> > site. The sysadmin of kde told us if we wanted to package the
> > 3.2.2 version and continue releasing the next versions.
> >
> > | There is no point for me, nor do i have any interest, in
> > | building KDE on Solaris with GCC. There is no point because
> > | it's been done already, by many people, and because Sun
> > | provides KDE built with GCC on their Companion CD. There are
> > | many other places on the 'Net where anyone can download KDE on
> > | Solaris built with GCC. I see no need for yet another GCC
> > | build. It is not very difficult to build KDE with GCC.
> >
> > That is no point...
> > Which is the kde version of the companion CD? Check it...
> > Companion cds arent released with every kde release, they dont
> > use to release companion cds more than twice a year...
> > Why do I need to search on the net if I can download the packages
> > from the official site? Most of these releases arent maintained,
> > and only sporadical.
> >
> > About the gcc point, looks like your mind is little bit closed,
> > because gcc opens a huge of possibilities that SunCC pro doesnt
> > have, basically ~ due to its closed licenses, with gcc we can
> > compile sparc binaries distributed trought many boxes with
> > diferent OSs and archs using cross compilers, we plan to use
> > distcc for next releases, so our x86 linux boxes and eaven PPC
> > boxes with MacOSx would contribute on the compiling to the sparc
> > box.
> >
> > | The point of building KDE with the Sun compilers is to show
> > | KDE, and Solaris, at their best. And because it is a very
> > | interesting project to work on, from a software engineering
> > | perspective. I don't believe that either of these two reasons
> > | apply when building with GCC. It's certainly not what i set out
> > | to do.
> >
> > Well, as our goals seems to be totally different, and both of us
> > were invited to work for KDE as contributors, we should agree in
> > many terms, such as release policy.
> >
> > Please let us know something about, because we dont want this to
> > become a flame.
> >
> >
> > Sergio and Jaime.
> >
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