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ken mays maybird1776 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 2 16:03:05 CEST 2004

My point is only in the documentation of processes and procedures used to port/compile/package KDE 3.3.0 on Solaris platforms. Debian does this with their QA program, so it would be nice to see it done elsewhere.

Blastwave has their standards and most of their packages is optimized for UltraSPARC2 and higher (or the sun4u platforms). Sun dropped support for the sun4m platforms. I have a SPARCstation 5 using Solaris 8 so I can test any KDE build with GCC or Sun Studio. I see NO problem in supporting users using sun4m platforms with a copy of KDE 3.3.0.

I hope we just think of a customer base of people wanting a copy of KDE 3.3.0 built with Sun Studio and GCC3 since we have a C++ ABI issue today. Also, we have to consider distributors having their way of packaging things and team of people doing it. My point is on consistent documentation of porting KDE 3.3.x to Solaris - not on compiler choices. Also, that we support KDE 3.2.3/3.3.0 on Solaris x86 just as well as we do on Solaris SPARC - or the issues involved in doing that (Mesa3D/Java3D for OpenGL).

I appreciate that Stefan, Jaime, and Sergio as well as others are porting KDE 3.3.0 to Solaris. But, I hope we know that one size doesn't fit all here. I can work with anyone who just wants to compile the code in the way I can repackage them for Blastwave distribution if they want to maintain the Sun Studio versions or GCC versions (just build your code to point to /opt/csw/lib and /opt/csw/kde-gcc/lib (GCC3) for libraries) and read the Blastwave Standards page. I can focus on Solaris x86 efforts and Solaris 10 QA testing if that helps anyone out on dedicated resources. 

Ken Mays - Earthlink, Inc. : KDE maintainer/supporter at Blastwave.org


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