[kde-solaris] Re: kde-solaris Digest, Vol 19, Issue 2

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Sat Oct 2 19:26:53 CEST 2004

Here's my concern about installing KDE in a fixed path (whatever that 
path may be): we inadvertently create a problem for the sysadmins in 
enterprise environments. Meaning, if we always build KDE to install 
in <insert-your-favorite-path-here>, any new release of KDE will 
overwrite the existing one. Which, in a company type setup is 
difficult to manage, especially when the company in question has some 
very strict standards as to how and where to install software. 
Company syadmins usually like to install a "let's try this new 
release" version of any software, and test it, before they make it 
available to everyone. If we keep overwriting, the sysadmins will be 
very reluctant to install and deploy newer versions of KDE. And the 
sysadmins are a very important group of people: they know the root 
password. We want to keep them very happy. :-)

Then there's also the issue of dependencies on other libraries, which 
often change from one version of KDE to another.

I think that keeping KDE releases in their own separate directory 
trees makes new installations easier to manage. That way, any new 
release will go into its own directory tree, without bothering or 
overwriting existing ones, which may be already deployed and in 
production. If the company in question wants to upgrade to the new 
release, the only thing they need to do is change symlinks (from the 
currently deployed version of KDE to the newly upgraded one).

It's not an easy problem to find a comfortable solution to. This is 
just the best idea i could come up with.



On Saturday 02 October 2004 10:03, ken mays wrote:
[ ... sniparoo ... ]
> (just build your code to point to /opt/csw/lib and
> /opt/csw/kde-gcc/lib (GCC3) for libraries) and read the Blastwave

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