[kde-solaris] Re: kde-solaris Digest, Vol 19, Issue 2

Christian Viller Hansen gbar at viller.org
Sat Oct 2 22:35:02 CEST 2004


On Sat, 2 Oct 2004, Stefan Teleman wrote:

> Here's my concern about installing KDE in a fixed path (whatever that
> path may be): we inadvertently create a problem for the sysadmins in
> enterprise environments. Meaning, if we always build KDE to install
> in <insert-your-favorite-path-here>, any new release of KDE will
> overwrite the existing one. Which, in a company type setup is
> difficult to manage, especially when the company in question has some
> very strict standards as to how and where to install software.
> Company syadmins usually like to install a "let's try this new
> release" version of any software, and test it, before they make it
> available to everyone. If we keep overwriting, the sysadmins will be
> very reluctant to install and deploy newer versions of KDE. And the
> sysadmins are a very important group of people: they know the root
> password. We want to keep them very happy. :-)

Yes it would!

I maintain KDE at my university with about 600 sunrays (thin clients). I 
compiled kde 3.2.(1-3) by hand. The main reason i didn't use the kde from 
sfw (i know that the packages made by Stefan != sfw packages) was the lack 
of flexibility. I like to install kde in a directory reflecting the 
release number and the making symlinks to a directory in the users path, 
so I think it would be a really good idea to avoid fixed paths. It saves 
me a lot of time not having to make the same changes each time a new 
release installed.

A question: We have one dedicated server to run the sunrayserver 
and basic wm (to ensure fast response on the sunrays) and some 
sun-fire servers to applications. The problem is related to the DCOP 
server. We use loadbalancing, so when the user starts a program from 
the menu, one of 12 servers will server the application. If that 
application is kde application, the DCOP server/kdeinit is started on the 
server. It takes a while to start kdeinit, but would it be possible to 
make it place the pipes somewhere in the homedir (nfs mounted), so that 
only one DCOP servers pr. user is needed?


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