[kde-solaris] Re: KDE, Solaris, GCC, etc ...

Jaime Peñalba jpenalba at corenetworks.es
Fri Oct 1 17:03:04 CEST 2004

Matthew Day wrote:

>As i understand it we all agreed the stefen would lead this project, and
>I for one am happy to see that continue, and like the idea of the
>release being built with suncc rather then gcc, which last time i looked
>didn't have nearly as good sparc optimisation..  I'm not a coder so i
>could well be wrong..
No coments....

>I like what the blastwave folks are doing, but see no value in double up
>on efforts, even more so when Stefen has a clear history with releasing
>KDE for solaris, and frankly find it rude that you would try and
>dislodge him.
>surely there are other packages you could work on.. get me kb3 or smb4k
This starts to be boring, so we wouldnt spend any more time, until a 
policy is defined, either the current policy will be aplied.

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