[kde-solaris] Re: KDE, Solaris, GCC, etc ...

Matthew Day matthew at promonet.com.au
Fri Oct 1 15:45:38 CEST 2004

As i understand it we all agreed the stefen would lead this project, and
I for one am happy to see that continue, and like the idea of the
release being built with suncc rather then gcc, which last time i looked
didn't have nearly as good sparc optimisation..  I'm not a coder so i
could well be wrong..

I like what the blastwave folks are doing, but see no value in double up
on efforts, even more so when Stefen has a clear history with releasing
KDE for solaris, and frankly find it rude that you would try and
dislodge him.

surely there are other packages you could work on.. get me kb3 or smb4k


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