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Sergio Rodriguez de Guzman Martinez srodriguez at corenetworks.es
Fri Oct 1 15:31:54 CEST 2004

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Stefan Teleman wrote:
| And now for a litttle bit of history: when i set out to work on KDE on
| Solaris, at the beginning of 2003, it was agreed, on this list, that
| i will port, build and maintain KDE for Solaris with the Sun
| compilers. If i remember correctly, a vote was taken to this effect,
| by the members of this list.

We built kde 3.1.5 and 3.2.1 for our own purpose as your 3.1.4 seemed to
work too slow on our machines. The performance was notably increased, so
we wanted to share it with the official site. The sysadmin of kde told
us if we wanted to package the 3.2.2 version and continue releasing the
next versions.

| There is no point for me, nor do i have any interest, in building KDE
| on Solaris with GCC. There is no point because it's been done
| already, by many people, and because Sun provides KDE built with GCC
| on their Companion CD. There are many other places on the 'Net where
| anyone can download KDE on Solaris built with GCC. I see no need for
| yet another GCC build. It is not very difficult to build KDE with
| GCC.

That is no point...
Which is the kde version of the companion CD? Check it...
Companion cds arent released with every kde release, they dont use to
release companion cds more than twice a year...
Why do I need to search on the net if I can download the packages from
the official site? Most of these releases arent maintained, and only

About the gcc point, looks like your mind is little bit closed, because
gcc opens a huge of possibilities that SunCC pro doesnt have, basically
~ due to its closed licenses, with gcc we can compile sparc binaries
distributed trought many boxes with diferent OSs and archs using cross
compilers, we plan to use distcc for next releases, so our x86 linux
boxes and eaven PPC boxes with MacOSx would contribute on the compiling
to the sparc box.

| The point of building KDE with the Sun compilers is to show KDE, and
| Solaris, at their best. And because it is a very interesting project
| to work on, from a software engineering perspective. I don't believe
| that either of these two reasons apply when building with GCC. It's
| certainly not what i set out to do.

Well, as our goals seems to be totally different, and both of us were
invited to work for KDE as contributors, we should agree in many terms,
such as release policy.

Please let us know something about, because we dont want this to become
a flame.

Sergio and Jaime.

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