[kde-solaris] crashing file selectors

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Mon Nov 22 01:24:20 CET 2004

You either set


in startkde and in your shell initialization file


you apply the patch i have posted on this list, two weeks ago, to 
kurlcompletion.cpp and recompile. Applying the patch gets rid of the 



On Sunday 21 November 2004 19:18, Rob Fisher wrote:
> Has anyone else noticed a problem when inputting text in a
> KDE-3.3.1 file selector? For instance, "save as" from kmail?
> Just saving as the default works fine, but if I try and enter
> anything in the string gadget using the keyboard, the parent
> application crashes and burns with a SIGSEGV. Oddly, I can paste
> string into the gadget with my middle mouse button; it just seems
> to be keyboard input that causes the problem.
> This is 3.3.1/QT-3.3.3 built with GCC-3.4.2 on Sol 9 x86. No other
> problems really.

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