[kde-solaris] Fatal communication error with a client

André Schneider Andre.Schneider at eas.iis.fhg.de
Thu Jan 29 14:13:52 CET 2004

Hi Stefan,

Thank you - it works now. After first log out a reboot
was necessary. Now the startup logfile doesn't contain
any error messages.

I guess the twice login is needed after each reboot - so
fixing this bug would be helpful for the future.


Stefan Teleman wrote:
> Hi.
> Please check the following:
> if /opt/kde-3.1.4/bin/artsd is instaled setuid root, change the 
> permissions to non-setuid root (0755).
> Log out, then log back into KDE. Chances are you will get an error 
> message from artsd, something to the effect of "assertion failed, 
> moduleName != "" -- click OK, and just ignore it. 
> Log out of KDE.
> Log back into KDE. You should not be seeing any error messages now, 
> neither the "Fatal communication with a client" from DCOP in 
> /tmp/${USER}-startkde, nor the "assertion failed" one. artsd should 
> start fine, and you should hear the KDE startup chimes.
> This is a problem when artsd is installed setuid root. I'm trying to 
> figure out what causes it.
> Let me know!

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