[kde-solaris] swap space requirements [was: KDE 3.1.4 - Can'ttalk to klauncher]

André Schneider Andre.Schneider at eas.iis.fhg.de
Mon Jan 26 17:28:37 CET 2004


Rolf Sponsel wrote:
> Best Stefan,
> I really don't want to argue with you, but
> your experiences are different to mine, and
> I cannot find any support for your "rule of
> thumbs" in the Solaris documentation either. :-(

I learned the factor 3 rule for swap space
when I was a pupil at school. :) I think it's
simply basic UNIX knowledge and all of
system administrators in our Institute
configure computers with this rule in mind.

Where is the problem?


André Schneider
Fraunhofer IIS

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