[kde-solaris] swap space requirements [was: KDE 3.1.4 - Can't talk to klauncher]

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Tue Jan 27 00:25:42 CET 2004

Thomas Bennett wrote:
> I used to run into klauncher dying because of shortage of swap  with Stefans 
> 3.1.3, and I have 1GB swap, 256MB RAM on an Ultra 10.
> On his 3.1.4 I am not having any problem, only using about 330 MB swap at the 
> moment and it is not growing.

   If I run  "prstat -s rss"   sorting process by  "running set size"
I find that the "kdeinit"  processes are rather large and seem
to only have a third to a fourth of its size in RAM.
Otherprocesses seems to have about 50% of their size as RSS-size.

  I guess this makes it possible to run KDE on a small RAM size
  However the total process sizes for KDE seems to be in the region
  of half a gigabyte.

/usr/dt/bin/sdtprocess  shows that swap useage by kdeinit-processes
is large.

  After looking at a couple of workstations I find that
  If the box runs some serversoftware like samba or Ns-httpd
  and KDE 3.1.4 I have  about 500 MB RAM usage and 300-400 MB swap
  useage.  These machines have 1GB RAM.

  If I look at SUN GNOME-2.0  processes they also seem to use
  less swap than KDE , the difference between the SIZE and the RSS
   is generally, but not always, smaller for GNOME processes
   then for KDE processes.

  This really supports Stefans view that you need more SWAP
  than usual to RUN KDE, although you can boot it up on
  a small amount of RAM,  256 MB  maybe....

Lars Tunkrans

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