[kde-solaris] xmodmap problems

Roman Maeder maeder at mathconsult.ch
Sun Jan 18 16:22:13 CET 2004

my xmodmap stuff does not work in KDE 3.1.4, which I just installed from
Stefan Teleman's packages on Solaris 8. I have a Unix type 5 keyboard and
in OpenWindows and Sun's Gnome 2.0 I set up a couple of keys for Alt_L+key
to give me Umlauts and other characters I frequently need. My xmodmaprc
looks like this:

    remove mod4 = Alt_L
    add mod2 = Alt_L
    keysym A = a A adiaeresis
    keysym O = o O odiaeresis

this gives me this modifier map:

    shift       Shift_L (0x6a),  Shift_R (0x75)
    lock        Caps_Lock (0x7e)
    control     Control_L (0x53)
    mod1        Meta_L (0x7f),  Meta_R (0x81)
    mod2        Mode_switch (0x14),  Alt_L (0x1a)

in KDE nothing happens if I type Alt_L+a in a console, kedit or kate.
It does work inside exmh, from where I write this message, but exmh handles
this stuff itself. Can this be done?

Also, is there a way to make the convenient function keys on the left
(Stop, Front, Open, Copy, Paste, ...) work? What about the compose key?


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