[kde-solaris] Missing function, PM_MenuBarItemSpacing

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Tue Feb 24 04:53:56 CET 2004

On Monday 23 February 2004 21:36, Chad Schrock wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> Granted, I'm not the KDE Stud you are, but Qt 3.3.x seems to
> work OK with KDE 3.2.  (Granted, I've only compiled kdelib and
> kdebase so far since I've been busy.)

Then my Studness level has decreased somewhat. :-)

> A totally aside funny observation about configure.... Why does
> configure check to see if a header file is "usable" before it
> checks to see if the file is "present"?

In order to avoid those absent, yet usable files. ;-P

As far as my status: i'm working _hard_ on 3.2.x 32 and 64-bit. I wish 
i could get them done faster, but the 64-bit port in particular needs 
a lot of special, loving care.


Stefan Teleman          'Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition'
steleman at nyc.rr.com                          -Monty Python

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