[kde-solaris] Missing function, PM_MenuBarItemSpacing

Chad Schrock chad at radix.net
Tue Feb 24 03:36:09 CET 2004

Hi Stefan,

Granted, I'm not the KDE Stud you are, but Qt 3.3.x seems to
work OK with KDE 3.2.  (Granted, I've only compiled kdelib and
kdebase so far since I've been busy.)

I even got Xft and Xrender working in Qt, which is a story by
itself since the test scripts and the qmake.conf file need to be
beat up for everything to work right.


A totally aside funny observation about configure.... Why does
configure check to see if a header file is "usable" before it
checks to see if the file is "present"?

< From: Stefan Teleman <steleman at nyc.rr.com>
< Hi!
< I am not sure that QT 3.3.x is supported on KDE 3.2.0. My 
< understanding is that 3.2.0 supports QT 3.2.x (where preferably x == 
< 3).
< If i am wrong, please correct me.

chad at radix dot net

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