[kde-solaris] Re: Missing function, PM_MenuBarItemSpacing

Chad Schrock chad at radix.net
Tue Feb 17 02:21:12 CET 2004

< From: Chad Schrock <chad at localhost>
< Other details:
<   gcc -> 3.3.2
<   QT ->  qt-x11-free-3.3.0b1
< I've looked through all of the files that come with QT, KDE, and
< on the system but only found the reference to function in
< kstyle.cpp.
< Any ideas of suggestions?

Ok, this is a big ol' nevermind and a smack in the forehead.

I thought that I had gotten the "newest" version of QT but it
was the beta as someone pointed out. I just went back and
checked Trolltech's site again and there was a final version of
3.3.0 which I am downloading now.


chad at radix dot net

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