[kde-solaris] Re: Solaris unistd.h

Torsten Kasch tk at CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Mon Feb 2 23:10:21 CET 2004


On Monday 02 February 2004 14:00, Hans Meine wrote:
> Hi again,
> after some further research I found the reason why I have this problem with
> "truncate64" and friends only in kdepim, koffice and kdenetwork: The
> following section is only in their configure.in.in's:

The problem is that gcc 2.x doesn't understand the "#pragma redefine_extname" 
statements which are used to redefine the *64 function names, so a simple 
"#define" is used as a fallback. The latter breaks because some Qt methods 
(e.g. truncate) get redefined by the preprocessor as well...

AFAIK, recent gcc versions (3.x) can handle these "#pragma" statements 
correctly but for gcc 2.x, disabling the large file support in 
kdenetwork/kdepim (as you did) seems to be the only option...


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