[kde-solaris] calendar manager to KOrganizer?

Roman Maeder maeder at mathconsult.ch
Tue Apr 13 11:19:50 CEST 2004

I have been using Sun's calendar (cm and the server, rpc.cmsd) since the late
eighties, but now it is time to move on, to KOrganizer. Does anybody have
any ideas on how to convert the old callog data to a format that can be
imported into KOrganizer?

If there's no tool, I could possibly cook something up using perl etc.
Lines in callog seem to have a simple syntax:

(add "DATE" key: 4425 what: "HEADING" details: "" duration: 3600 period: weekly ntimes: 3 author: "maeder at prokyon" tags: ((appointment , 1)) apptstat: active privacy: public )

what would be a similar format that KOrganizer understands?



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