[kde-solaris] make apidox issues

Lebar, Russell J Russell.J.LeBar at erac.com
Wed Apr 14 17:47:19 CEST 2004

I noticed alot of these near the end of my a lot apidox. Anyone else seen them and have an idea on how to fix them? I'm using graphwiz 1.12. Using the Software Companion CD's libpng: 1.0.10,REV=2001. However doxygen 1.3.6 comes with the relevant parts of libpng 1.2.1. Thanks in advance!

 Warning: language png not recognized, use one of:
 ps ps2 hpgl pcl mif pic gd gd2 gif jpg jpeg wbmp ismap imap cmap cmapx vtx mp fig svg svgz dia dot canon plain plain-ext xdot
Error! Image `inherit__graph__29.png' produced by dot is not a valid PNG!
You should either select a different format (DOT_IMAGE_FORMAT in the config file) or install a more recent version of graphviz (1.7+)

-- Russ LeBar

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