[kde-solaris] 32-bit KDE 3.2.1 packages for Solaris 8/9 available

Roman Maeder maeder at mathconsult.ch
Tue Apr 13 09:34:41 CEST 2004

The update from 3.1.4 went fine, just a couple of minor observations.
This is on an ULTRASparc 2, Solaris 8.

the conversion of the 3.1.4 config data failed partially, due to

/opt/kde-3.2.1/share/apps/kconf_update/move_favicons.sh: syntax error at line 3: `prefix=$' unexpected

this script specifies "/bin/sh" as it shell, which on Solaris is *not* bash
(apparently it usually is under Linux). As the script contains some bash-isms,
it failed. Should use "/bin/bash" as its shell.

there's still a few binaries that were apparently compiled without a full
setting of LD_RUN_PATH (or -R options), which means that it is necessary
to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to a huge list of directories when running kde.
This is a constant source of frustration, especially in a mixed gcc/forte
environment. Ideally, kde would run with an empty LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

artsd still causes problems. It runs and produces sound for some time,
but eventually it goes silent or even crashes. The startup sound is fine,
but the various sound alerts are all garbled. Granted, this is an old
machine, so I don't know how much sound support I should expect.

I set the fd limits in /etc/system, as suggested:

	set rlim_fd_max=8192
	set rlim_fd_cur=1024

but I still get tons of messages:

	setrlimit: Not owner

which I thought were caused by too low fd limits. Is there another reason
for these?

Roman Maeder

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