[kde-solaris] The Easter Bunny will be here this weekend

Robert Andersson robert at gslt.hum.gu.se
Thu Apr 8 16:43:13 CEST 2004


>>>>> "ST" == Stefan Teleman <steleman at nyc.rr.com> writes:
ST> Well, it looks like, barring any unfortunate and unforeseen
ST> disasters, i will be uploading the 32-bit KDE 3.2.1 packages built
ST> with Forte 8 this weekend.

this is great news! is the packages compiled with specific forte 8
libs, requiring us to have it installed to be able to run kde 3.2.1? i
am asking because i have tried to run the 64-bit sicstus prolog
environment compiled with forte that needed forte to be installed.

ST> KOffice 1.3, KDeveloper 3 and Quanta will follow shortly
ST> thereafter, as i finish them.

ooh aah very nice :)


ps. i know this is the wrong forum --do you think sun will release
gnome 2.6 for solaris or are they only thinking java desktop (which of
course is gnome-based)?

Systems Administrator
Swedish National Graduate School of Language Technology

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