[kde-solaris] Solaris 8 native 32-bit port

Brian Foddy kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Mon Jan 20 20:14:07 2003

Good work.  Please keep the list update to date on your progress.
I'll be upgrading my kde soon, but don't have the timeslot open
right now.


Stefan Teleman wrote:

>I have finished porting arts-1.1, kdelibs-3.1 and kdebase-3.1 to 
>Solaris 8 32-bit with the Sun Forte 7 (native) C++ compiler. The 
>performance improvement is very noticeable (about 30% faster than 
>GCC). I am planning on porting the entire KDE 3.1 release to Solaris 
>32 and 64 bit with the Sun Forte compiler.
>If anyone is insterested, please let me know. :-)