[kde-solaris] HELP : kde31 packages for sparc broke my machine....

Antonio Prioglio kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Fri Feb 21 16:48:01 2003

On 21 Feb 2003, Paul Hands wrote:

> Yes, we use NIS and DNS.  I don't know if the domain names are the same
> or not.  Is this important?
Maybe. It is just an hipothesis as there have been some issues with 
NIS/DNS reported in the past even if none of this gravity as far as I can 

> How do I find the DNS domain name?
nslookup? this is the "internet" domain.
> We have always logged in graphically, and I haven't seen an option to
> login textually except from the DT login manager, but the machine never
> gets to that stage.  I've tried booting to run levels 1 and 2, but no
> change in behaviour.

When the machine is booting try try Stop-A.
This shoud give you a text prompt on the OBP.

type boot and you should see the messages from the booting process still 
in text mode.

before any graphics there should be a login prompt, type something to stop 
the graphical login and see in you can logon from there.

Alternatively you can always disconnect keyboard and video, attach a 
serial cable to port A and get a login over the serial line from another 
machine. (tip -9600 /dev/XXX) where XXX is the name of the serial port 
from another sun machine.

Hope it helps.

Antonio Prioglio [a.prioglio@cbtcentre.co.uk]
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Centre - London