[kde-solaris] kde31 packages for sparc ready

Magnus Larsson kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Tue Feb 18 19:50:22 2003

> Hi Paul,
> Sorry for my delay. You can find the packages on:
> http://www.rlac.de/pages/thefrog/kde.html
> I didn't tested them for myself, but is has been reported that they
work fine.
> Have fun ):-

Nice work with the packages, thanks!

I have some questions though.

I have some problems with kdesktop_lock.
I can lock the desktop but when I try to login again it only replies
"login failed".

Can't get jpeg support to work.
A ldd on libqt-mt.so doesn't show any system jpeg support.
PNG and GIF works fine though.

Has anyone else seen these problems.